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Board Meeting

There will be an NBACT  board meeting on June 3rd, 2017 Saturday at 10am in Fredericton NB.  All members and guests  welcome to attend.

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Reduced fee

Important Notice for Renewing and New Members of NBACT

Update on NB Legislation and Incentives to join NBACT

Our Licensed Counselling Therapists Act is now awaiting its 1st Reading in the NB Legislature. The Act states that the New Brunswick College of Licensed Counselling Therapists will commence on June 1st, 2017. Once the College begins, there will be a one-time application fee of $100.00, and a yearly membership fee. The Federation Working Group has decided that the one-time application fee of $100.00 for the college will be waived for applicants who are currently members of one of our three provincial associations: AFCONB, NBACT, and NBPCA.

Currently, NBACT is offering a renewal and new member rate of $100.00. A very important advantage of joining the association before May 15th, 2017 is that you will automatically qualify to become a member of the college, as outlined in the Licensed Counselling Therapists Act.

Joining one of our three provincial associations is currently the most important way that you can demonstrate to our NB government that you support the legislation of our profession. Our government continues to inquire about our membership numbers in our provincial associations!

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Grandfathering will apply until  June 2017,  at this time all new NBACT applicants will need to comply with any bylaw changes.

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New Brunswick College of Counselling Therapists

The framework for the New Brunswick College of Counselling Therapists  will be in place  June  2017.

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Falls in the fall photo

thank you to Nicole Knox, photographer  for the header  photo  of the falls.

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Sept 2016 board meeting

Great board meeting  in Fredericton on September  24, 2016.  Legislation is in clear view for Registered Counselling Therapists in New Brunswick. If you are still not a registered member with NBACT you best jump on board, you wont want to miss the excitement.

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Sunflower header photo

Thank you Nicole Knox,  photographer for  the sunflower  header photo

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Header photo

Thank you to Wendy Soontiens Carpenter, photographer  of the “apple  blossom” header picture.

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Newsletter 2016


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Registered NBACT members.

All registered members of NBACT have a Masters degree in Counselling from an AUCC recognized University, that includes courses in Ethics, Counselling theory, Counselling skills, 2 Counselling electives and 4 additional electives. They  have completed a supervised internship with 120 hours of direct client contact, and have submitted a criminal record check.

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